Order Ahead + Loyalty, Expand The Way You Reach Your Customers

OAL, is the next innovation in restaurant technology. Reach your regulars and increase their spending without being invasive.


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Introducing the #1 service for restaurants to thrive in the digital age with their digital marketing

Increase the effectiveness and reduce the cost of your restaurant's digital marketing by utilize platform based marketing. What is platform based marketing? Well let us tell you.

Craspa Makes Having A Mobile Platform One-Click

Attract your existing customers to order more and spend more, when you offer a mobile platform. Utilize a dedicated mobile platform as one of your primary marketing tools and outlets.

Loyalty, Points, & Rewards

Integrating a loyalty program with your e-commerce platform can increase average order quantity by 319% (Incentive Solutions). That's one click with in-app loyalty and rewards using Craspa.

Order Recommendations

75% of customers are more likely to buy based on personalized recommendations (Accenture). Even if you have a low variation menu, recommendations can go a long way.

Push notifications

Push notifications have an opening rate of 90% Their opening rate is 50% higher than that of email marketing.

Convenience and Skip-the-line

83% of consumers said convenience while shopping is more important now than five years ago(NRF). One-click past ordering for on the go or skip the line by ordering directly from their phone.

Referrals and Word Of Mouth

Customers referred by other customers have a 37% higher retention rate. Make your word of mouth one-click for customers and drive traffic to your platform.

A 5% increase in customer retention increases profits by 25% to 95% (Harvard Business School)

Platform Based Marketing, is utilizing your ordering outlets to be more than just ordering. Why build your following on instagram when you can have full control with your own mobile platform and communicate with your customers just as easily. Use a mobile platform to put all your digital marketing in one.

Combine your Square Payment with Craspa, making the integration that much easier. All-in-one without the hassle.

Create an account and mobile platform under 5 minutes

Its that easy, simple choose a template and upload your assets and we'll do the rest.

Your customers want more ways to order

Get competitive edge by having your own mobile platform

No need to code, patch, or maintain

We handle all the coding and server upkeep. You just worry about what you do best.

Take order ahead to a new level

Flexiable and expansive pickup options to suit each location and their limitations.

Push, Push, Push

Utilize push notifications when you have your own mobile platform, and do it for free when its a craspa powered mobile platform.

Same catelog, same customers, same payment

Everything on your mobile platform is linked to square, so all your orders in one place.

Try out sandbox

Not convinced yet? Try our sandbox, which is mock account that lets experience everything you would in live productions.

Synced directly from your Square Payment

No need to fix or patch any catalog errors in two places. All Catalog updates are automatically synced and in 1 place.

Easily test before you launch

Be 100% happy with your mobile platform before it goes live. Test it first-hand to experience how your customers will experience it.

Experience your business grow beyond a storefront or food truck.

No Contracts No Commissions No Fees 100% Free

Its not rocket science, its Craspa.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

87% of shoppers reported that they want brands to have loyalty programs, Craspa gives you what your customers need.

Directly Market To Your Customer

Using push notification and analytic based targeting to communicate best and freely to your customers.

No Cost and Seamless Integration

No high commissions, double service fees, or small order fees. Craspa integrates with 100% with Square Payment for free.

Ask Us To Create A Marketing Proposal For You.
We'll Do It For Free

We'll take a look at your current digital marketing outlets and provide you an outline of ways Craspa can optimize key aspects.

Upgrading Digitial Marketing by Craspa

The Cost of Your Mobile Platform, $0

Getting your own mobile platform is free now and forever. So that you get started fast and easy. Never pay for updates, service, or features. Over 70% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if it has a good loyalty program.

Features that make sense. Here's what comes with your OAL.

Grow your brand using Craspa by driving traffic to your brand products and not other marketplace mobile platforms.

Perfect For Marketing Teams

Craspa is not here to replace your marketing team or overhaul your marketing plan. We're here to provide you an outlet that will be effective in making what you want to achieve as a brand easier and faster.

Perfect For Multiple Locations and team members.

Setup team member accounts so that you can have managers manage rewards, menus, and settings for their location. See all orders and metrics directly in your Craspa Admin. No need to fix or patch any catalog errors in two places. All catalog updates are automatically synced.

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Expanding Your Reach, Your Way

Set up pickups specific to each your locations, allow customer to choose option either before or when they arrive, and view analytics on pickups options to better service your customers. Disable an option when not available or announce a new pickup, simple an easy with Craspa Simply Integrated With Square.

Click To Create A Sandbox Account Now, Production & Sandbox Are Both FREE.

Be the hottest thing on the block

Having your own mobile platform makes your brand more noticeable and professional, therefore giving your customers their own in-app experience.

Don't worry about getting lost, view our comprehensive guides and walkthroughs.

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You may wonder why were free. It's simple we want your restaurant business to grow without having worry about managing or increasing costs.

No Contracts No Commissions No Fees 100% Free