Working in the service industry will have you meeting a lot of new people. Here are the six types of people you will, or probably have already met while working in the food business.

1. The Over-Talkative Customer

You're taking their order and out of nowhere, they are talking about their life story or most noteworthy accomplishments in their everyday life. Really?! Kindly request your food already…

2. The Customer Who Stays Long Past Their Visit

There are a few clients who go to a restaurant, eat their dinner, and stay... for quite a while. Obviously there is no hurry while eating out, nonetheless, when ten different tables have come in after them, have been served, and have left.. they should consider moving it along.

3. The Complainer

"This food is overrated. My pizza has an excess of sauce. You just brought me one side of farm dressing." At times you don't get the best help, however in some cases there is that one customer who will criticize each seemingly insignificant detail on the off chance that it implies potentially getting a free dinner.

4. The Customer With The Obnoxious Child/Children

We get it. You need to bring your family out for a decent supper. In any case, if you don't mind showing your kids' habits and regard. Try not to let little Jimmy run everywhere in the restaurant or open up every pack of sugar and leave it on the floor for others to tidy up after you leave. Also, quick tip. Workers are not mind readers. If you want extra ranch from the get go, you have to speak up.

5. The Low Or Non Tipper

You thought you were doing everything correctly as a worker. Their food was on schedule and well made. You were mindful. Then BAM! You get a measly couple of quarters or no tip at all, or even worse you get a business card or an expired coupon to another restaurant.

6. The Last Minute Customer

There isn't anything all the more frustrating than having a debilitating and occupied workday, you begin cleaning up, then you hear that doorbell go off, just five minutes before closing. You were just about ready to head home, and now you have to regather yourself and serve another customer.

Working in the food business has its good and bad moments. A few people consider it to be a simple way out and not a "real" job. Yet, working in this field can teach you a lot. You learn the importance of teamwork, time management, how to prepare a decent meal and interact with people, etc.