Now that your business has its own mobile platform and you are ready to go live, you will need a way to make use of it. First, I will discuss how to get customers over to your new mobile platform using your existing marketing outlets. Then secondly, once you have gotten your customer on a new mobile platform, explain how to effectively market towards them. Incorporating platform-based is certainly a great way to increase your digital marketing's effectiveness and reduce marketing costs. Lastly, tips and tricks for advancing your platform's effectiveness.

Shameless plug: You can incorporate platform-based marketing to make your direct-to-consumer marketing more effective by building your own mobile platform with your own in-house crew of engineers or by using a 3rd party white-label platform service, like us. There are pros and cons for both options and depending on your business one is more suitable than the other. If you're interested in which type of development process is best for you check our article post about that here.

Converting Email Marketing Leads

The easiest way to incorporate platform-based marketing is by reaching out to your existing email marketing leads, the customers who have subscribed to your business's email list. These are the customers who have given you the most trusted customers, in terms of communication. They have trusted you enough to not spam them with hundreds of emails while allowing your brand to share the same space with their personal communications.

Depending on your email marketing provider, you will be able to A/B test different approaches to informing your customers about your new mobile platform. This allows you to optimize email to platform conversion. The best way to increase your email to platform conversion would be to offer incentives to customers for joining. 

Depending on how advanced your platform, you could offer and automate these incentives within a time constraint to stoke urgency in the need to join. Incentives you could offer are a reward or discount for downloading, making your first order, reaching x loyalty by x time, etc. A simple example, "hey download our new app by the end of the week to earn a free surprise."

Convert social media to your platform

Now how to pull customers from social media to your mobile platform? These are your pride and joy customers, the ones you have spent months or years cultivating. How can we steal their attention away to leave a platform that is designed to keep them on it, without spending money? I suggest the "build the hype" approach as a simple post, swipe up, or tweet will not be effective in showing customers your desire to have them join. 

Spend 2–3 weeks before your platform release, making hints with teaser content. You should do a progressive content release, like pieces of a puzzle or scavenger hunt, so that you are engaging your followers across the promotion. Then to conclude your 2–3 hype promotion, you can do a live stream to explain the new changes and offer an exclusive live stream viewer download incentive. You could even have a signup list for early adopters to show who's most eager to join.

Marketing with your own mobile platform

Now let us make use of your mobile platform, the top 3 things you will want in your mobile platform are loyalty, alerts, and shareability. You will use loyalty to drive retention amongst your customer base. Loyalty can come in many ways, such as cash-back for purchases, points per dollar, a countdown to the next reward, etc. It is up to you and your business which loyalty approach is best.

One thing I will mention, there is a cost with platform-based marketing, in addition to development/service costs, that is the cost of giving out incentives. You will be taking a loss for future profit but for you, that should be fine as this is not much of a loss but an expense for further growth.

Making your platform work for itself

With a mobile platform, the possibilities for customer conversion are limitless since anything you can imagine can be programmed. However, when mobile platform sophistication increases so does the cost, so it would not be fair to give you step-by-step methods to utilize your platform as those ideas may be out of your business scope of possibility.

Instead, I will direct you to key areas to focus on and how your platform plays a part in it. For example, if you want to get from one island to another island you could take a raft, rowboat, speed boat, plane, etc. Regardless of the method, the goal is to get to the next island.

In business we all want to make money, so we make every decision with the intent to make another dollar. Platform-based marketing is more effective in increasing the revenue you get from your existing customer base and cultivating a more dedicated customer base rather than attracting a high volume of new customers, leads, or sales.

Thus I will discuss how to optimize the prior. the two facts we know, you can increase the money you get from a customer either by increasing their order average or order frequency. So if we want to increase the order average, the best method would be to upsell a customer all the way through on their ordering journey. So instead of a customer spending $14 per order on average, we upsell them to increase their order average over time to be $16 or higher, which is over a 10% increase.

So one way you will want to utilize your platform is to optimize upselling customers. This could be either an item recommendation feature or item combo-ing, "49% of consumers said they have purchased a product that they did not initially intend to buy after receiving a personalized recommendation" (AgilityPR). 

Building on top of that, you could adopt personalizing a customer's experience based on a customer's interests, engagement, spending to further your platform's effectiveness. "40% of U.S. consumers say they have purchased something more expensive than they originally planned because their experience was personalized."(Segment) However, this may be more difficult depending on your platform's backend and development process.

Now let's talk about making customer ordering more often, how can your platform help with that? Well, it is very simple, just bring them to your platform more often and as much as possible. Having a mobile platform is new, "getting a customer through the front door", once a customer taps that push notification or app icon, you've got them.

Let's reiterate what we know, customer order frequency is directly tied to customer engagement. These are ways to bring your customer to interact with your platform, push notifications, loyalty, 24hr content stories, social feed, and all the innovative ideas you have. Along with personalizing each of these aspects to increase the effectiveness. "Customers who are fully engaged represent a 23% higher share in profitability, revenue and relationship growth" (source) Lastly, watch the money roll in.