Where should you be sending your Instagram traffic

How important are likes and comments

As a small to medium size restaurant, your approach to social media should and will vastly differ from large to giant-scale restaurants. For every 15 business dedicated Instagram pages, there are 5 who understand the Instagram ecosystem and just 1 who understands how to properly utilize Instagram for their business. Not to state the obvious but follower count does not equate to sales and growing that count does not equate to propionate sales, along with engagement.

When you receive a like on a post, say a new deal, what motivated that like? Do they like the deal, the color scheme of the image, the time you posted, the wording, or just a random-like. So now that we are aware engagement has no real merit in getting those sales, getting engagement should no longer be the goal.

What is Instagram for?

What is Instagram for? Instagram is solely about gaining attention but already you know that. So then what should you do with this attention and how do you monetize that attention? Take that attention off the platform where that attention can remain stimulated but on a platform of your own.

The only way to get attention off-platform is through the profile link and the only way to get there is using a post to lead to a profile tap. From there a lead is left with two options: the potential customer either get distracted by your other content or clicks the link in your bio. Let us explore the first option, this leads to three outcomes, either explore more, leave your page, or click the link in your bio.

The dilemma

Now, remember how I said earlier your approach to Instagram should differ compared to much larger operations? For larger operations Instagram is about brand awareness, they already have a dedicated following, now all they need is for them to also be a consideration for them. So as a smaller brand what do you want, you want to turn views into long-term customers.

It would be against your interests to have to constantly re-engage customers every time on Instagram to lead to a sale. So you want to make it so that a lead from Instagram is not always a lead from Instagram, meaning not all your orders stem from an Instagram post or interaction.

Where traffic should go?

So what are the long-term options? Traditionally you yourself probably lead bio link clicks to just a plain website with no direction. But sincerely when a customer lands on your website what do you expect from them? You might as well just utilize google ads to drive traffic to your site, with such a lack of call to action. These are the calls to action you should be using, a call to action for a specific item, not a menu, a call to join your membership club, a news article, or an app download.

The reason for a specific item and not a menu is because that gives a customer too much power to make their own decision, and one of those decisions is leaving. Imagine you have a new customer for the first time, how is telling them to look at the menu going to encourage them to make an order. Make the process as simple as possible and from there once they decide they no longer want "simple" decision making they will explore your menu.

In conclusion

You want a customer to take initiative at some point and not carry their hand the whole way. Furthermore, directing a customer to join your membership club initially is a much better way to make a long-lasting lead and best utilize a mobile app as you can give the customer a sense of sophistication to your brand and utilize the most effective message marketing, push notifications.

You could apply direction for apps also by setting an onboarding process for new downloads. In the end, it is about making content’s call to action by clicking the profile link rather than earning a like or comment. Along with your profile link becoming a funnel for long-lasting leads.