Promoting your business isn't a simple thing for most entrepreneurs. With the normal business tasks requiring significant investment and exertion, there just isn't sufficient opportunity, labor, or financial plan to completely understand the capability of how to market your small business. In this post, we give you 5 ways to promote your business in 2020.

1. Use Google Marketing Tools

Climbing the ranks on Google naturally can be extreme, fortunately Google gives you a few incredible tools to assist you with doing it all alone. Google Analytics, for instance, lets you perceive how guests associate with your site and what they are accustomed to. This gives you the tools to make content that is better focused at those sources, and spotlight your endeavors on the sites, web journals, and different spots where your crowd is coming from. It’s also vital to react to events in real-time, as they can help you get more eyes on your social media posts. Google Trends is a free Google tool that helps you stay on top of buzzwords and trending topics so you can join larger conversations while drawing attention to your business.

2. Make Your Own Video Ads

Video is a central part of marketing today, as more consumers prefer to watch short clips and make purchasing decisions based on them. Even so, they may seem a bit out of your price range. Nevertheless, while marketing teams and video shoots are expensive, there are some great tools you can use to make great video ads on your own. Your smartphone’s camera can capture excellent footage in HD, and once you’ve edited it, you can use a business marketing video maker app like Boosted to turn your clips into professional, fully branded, and fun videos that help you engage with potential customers.

3. Stay Active On Social Media Business Pages

Social media is a great way to connect more directly with customers and show off the more playful side of the business. These platforms give you a chance to respond to customer feedback in real-time and show how much you care about their experience with your business. Posting frequently to your social media channels also keeps you relevant and at the top of your audience’s minds. Even a small comment or update can refresh your presence, and it shows your commitment to communicating directly with your customers. You can also demonstrate your know-how while simultaneously promoting your business by commenting on other individuals’ and businesses’ social media posts. Follow Facebook pages that have to do with your type of business to answer questions, or even join funny Twitter threads that can give you greater exposure and introduce you to new audiences.