If it's a Tequila mockingbird or a Purrito you are looking for, we got you covered. Check out the number one places in DC to get Mexican cuisine. From quick service dining, like your local chipotle, to a 5-star Mexican dine-in. Keep reading to find where and how to feed your carvings. Also if you are a DC local and think you have a better list, tweet at us or comment on our Instagram page with the #IKNOWDCBETTER.

We based our selection based on a variety of factors to give each restaurant a fighting chance and compete were their strongest best. The factors we decided to be the most useful were the reviews from customers, ease of ordering, variety in their menu for different diet restrictions, and the overall vibe of the restaurant, along with most importantly customer service. To which we then deduced a very unscientific Craspa rating, on a 10 point scale.

Mi vida


About them (Here’s a snippet to their site) A Mexico City native, author, and acclaimed Chef/Owner of New York City’s FONDA restaurants, Roberto Santibañez has served as an ambassador of Mexican cuisine for over three decades. MI VIDA is the evolution of Chef’s culinary journey as he continues to explore his beloved Mexico.

“Mi Vida” translates to “My Life.” However, in Mexico, “Mi Vida” means much more. “Mi Vida” is a term of endearment bestowed on close family and friends to signify love, care and importance. When one says, “Mi Vida,” they are telling someone special how much they mean to them. MI VIDA describes how we feel about our team and our guests. It is our expression of Mexican culture and cuisine as interpreted through the lens of Chef Roberto Santibañez. Our menu is rooted in the history and culinary tradition of Mexico while exploring the ever-changing boundaries of this vibrant and evolving cuisine.

Indulge in Mi Vida's queso fundidio or broiled Chihuahua and Oaxaca cheeses, chorizo, and salsa verde served with fresh hand-pressed tortillas. This Mexican restaurant is located in The Wharf, D.C.'s newly redeveloped waterfront neighborhood that stretches along one mile of the historic Washington Channel. Mi Vida is from chef Roberto Santibañez, and the gorgeous restaurant serves seafood entrees to fit the waterfront views.



It's modelo time, that's all I can truly say. Espita does not miss, because they will definitely make sure to hit you pockets with how good their food is, they’ll have you spending more than you can imagine. They have a great blend of scenery and presentation to match the taste of their dishes. If you have the opportunity to visit them, make sure to see them and try any of their tacos.

About them (Here’s a snippet to their site)

The Mexican landrace corn we use for our tortillas is provided by Masienda.

Our mezcal selection is large and ever changing. Mezcal is produced in small batches so bottles come and go from our list. We maintain a selection of mezcales from our favorite families. You will always see a large selection of El Buho on hand as we consider them family and our house mezcal. Beyond that, we strive to always have 100+ bottles for you to choose from. We have strict values on production techniques for the mezcales we sell. If you would like to know more, ask for one of our team when you dine with us.



With $3 tacos to last for days, they're a great option for when you're on a budget. They also have another location, so you're not able to visit them in DC, you could catch them in the college park, md area. Also make sure to sign up to their vip program to get the perks, it's free to join.

About them (Here’s a snippet to their site) The Habanero Familia (Mirna & Dio Montero) immigrated to the United States about 15 years ago and counting. Or in our eyes, what feels like yesterday.

As newcomers, we acquired positions from dishwasher to line cook in the downtown DC restaurant industry, including working for Chef José Andrés.

We had a vision to provide the greatest cultural experience, in a single bite, and opened Taqueria Habanero in 2014 on 14th Street in Columbia Heights, Washington, DC.

At Taqueria Habanero, we provide you authentic Mexican cuisine with ingredients from the streets of our hometown, Puebla, Mexico. You may have noticed on the back of our shirts that we refer to ourselves as 99% Mexican. Why only 99 percent, you ask? Well, that's because we're above the border.

Our dishes are crafted using the fresh, authentic flavors of Mexico. Every day, we hand prep each of our sauces, marinades, and tortillas from scratch. We offer house-made tortillas, craft cocktails, and more than 14 different tacos daily (including chapulines "grasshoppers" straight from Oaxaca!).

Honorable Mentions:

Taco bamba https://www.tacobamba.com

El Centro DC https://www.eatelcentro.com

oyamel https://www.oyamel.com


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Tldr list of the restaurants, with Craspa rating

  • https://mividamexico.com (8/10)
  • https://espitadc.com (9/10)
  • https://www.habanerodc.com (8/10)
  • https://www.tacobamba.com (7.5/10)
  • https://www.eatelcentro.com (8.5/10)
  • https://www.oyamel.com` (6.5/10)