What is it about the perfect cup of joe that gets us out of bed in the morning and straight into a cafe in the neighborhood? No matter your reason, here are our picks for the best coffee in Baltimore.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Ceremony Coffee is an experience influenced by the culture of Ethiopia (coffee is served in a ceremonial manner to guests). The baristas take hospitality to a new level, bringing your coffee to your table and busing it as well! There's no question their coffee is in high demand, they are based in Annapolis and spread to Mt. Vernon and Harbor Point. Experience a cup of espresso pour-over served in a rock glass (pinkies up folks) and feel the caffeine energize you.

Order and Chaos

Order and Chaos is where ads and coffee become one. Occupying the Planit ad agency on the outskirts of Federal Hill, they claim a complimentary “creative cup of coffee” for their members as a way to find order within the chaotic workday. When they peer through the high glass walls (with coffee in hand of course), patrons will get a sneak peek behind the marketing scene.


Artifact, an item of human craft and cultural significance, is an extremely suitable name for this Java joint. Tucked away in Hampden's Union Mill, Artifact Coffee is a rustic coffee shop inside a renovated factory building. They are coffee experts, offering everything from honey lavender lattes to "spike-i-attos" (that's some heavy stuff) and an inspiring breakfast menu. Truly, "hip" does not even begin to characterize this place. Tip: Schedule your arrival accordingly; during peak hours, you may have to fight off someone for a seat.

3 Bean Coffee

Coffee, cacao, and vanilla — the three beans are all found within the products (and the name) at 3 Bean Coffee. This cozy spot, nestled just below the rise of Federal Hill, offers a range of enjoyable drinks. If you're in the mood for a non-coffee cocktail, try a Honey Graham Latte, nitro on tap, or a matcha latte. And how can we ignore their collection of ice cream from local farms? After a downhill run up the dreaded Federal Hill, add a scoop to your coffee; you've earned it.

Daily Grind

Although the Fells Point waterfront is full of bars and restaurants, an energizing cup of coffee (especially after all that Friday night fun) is sometimes all you need. A self-proclaimed "funky coffee shop", The Daily Grind is a paradise for hipsters, buzzing with life at all hours of the day. The wraps for breakfast, a generous pastry display, and house-made granola bars for grab-and-go are top-notch. Plus, both inside and out, the atrium in the back of the shop is packed with sun, greenery, and comfortable seating. And have we mentioned that you can bring your dog? For those wanting to pick up a fast Scooby Snack for the pup and a cup of joe for the walk, they have a "doggie door" available. As if more incentives were necessary...