How to Integrate With My Restaurant

Effective as of March 2020

Integrate with Craspa:

Currently, our loyalty app is only compatible with restaurants that use Square payment processing. However, we are always looking to expand and we have big plans for the future of our company. If your interest is in using our loyalty service but not use Square, you can either create a square account or make a “compatibility request”. We’ll love to see where we should focus our efforts best.

Connecting with Square:

When you create a Craspa account, you’ll be asked in the signup process to connect with a Square account. We connect to your square by using OAuth authentication, in which you give us permission to access your Square account. Once you allow us permission, we’re given an OAuth token in which we use to process your orders, sync catalog, and utilize analytics, so that your customers are best served and your loyalty app is running smoothly.

Accepting Orders:

When a customer attempts to make an order, Craspa will check if the selected location is accepting orders. If the location is accepting orders, the customer will be allowed to complete the order. Once the order is successfully charged on your behalf, it will show up in your Square Admin. You also see it if you use a 3rd Party Order Service that syncs your orders, however not 100% guaranteed with 3rd Software. If you use our Craspa Admin or Order App, you'll be able view all orders in real time and provide your customer with real time order updates.

Pickup Options:

Pickup orders a Craspa Native Feature, meaning that you will not be able to use them with your Square Admin. You can create pickup options by location and set them to require immediate choice or when the customers arrives. When your customer arrives at a location, they will notify you of their arrival via your app. The app will correspond with your Craspa Admin and alerts, to notify of their arrival and ready get their order. correspondance may not be need for immediate action pickup options

Revoking Permission:

If you no longer wish for Craspa to be a part of your restaurant, you can revoke your OAuth token from us in your Square Admin. Please refer to Square documentation and support for more details. Disclaimer: revoking OAuth token will subsequently break your loyalty app and render your account disabled until a new OAuth token is provided.