Loyalty App Policy

Effective as of March 2020


Our loyalty app is based on templates, as a partner/customer of craspa loyalty service you acknowledge that your competitors or other Craspa partners/customers may also be using similar templates. We however regulate how many partners/customers share similar templates and themes either based on region, genre of food, existing prominence, and other criteria. If we deem an existing template over-saturated or inapplicable to you based on other criteria it will automatically be removed from your selections, so you do not have to worry if your current potential template is usable.

At this time rules 1 and 2 are not being enforced due to COVID-19

Removal/Deactivation of App from App Store:

We believe in quality over quantity, we want our partner restaurants to be actively using, incorporating, and promoting their loyalty app. We may remove and deactivate any apps, if any/all of the following criteria are met:

  • Inactivity on loyalty apps by 90% or greater of your customers, such as opening the app.
  • 0 orders accepted during an operating day, accumulative up to 30 days, exceptions are applicable.
  • Attempt to sell and/or transfer any Craspa products or service, without proper clearance.
  • High refund rate.
  • Concurrently using/promoting competitive apps.
  • Selling items or products unrelated to your Craspa registered brand or sole non-tangible goods, such as a service without tangible goods to the associated loyalty app.
  • Facilitating or operating a scam or illegal activity.
  • Violating our terms of service.


As our goal is to have every restaurant connected to their customers through technology, there are limitations. All loyalty apps are dependent on the publishing platform terms and processes, i.e. App Store or Google Play Store. This means that “time to live” is dependent on the publishing platform review process and its policies. There is a possibility of your loyalty app being rejected from a publishing platform. In the event of a rejection, Craspa will handle any discrepancy that may have caused a rejection and actively work to get your app live. Publish limitation also applies to app updates.


We work hard to bring you and your customers a beautiful and modern app experience. Occasionally we may push updates for your app to the app store, without your consent. Your loyalty app customers may also be required to update their app in order to continue use. However not all updates are necessary/mandatory and are left up to loyalty administrator to accept.