Order Ahead + Loyalty, Expand The Way You Reach Your Customers

OAL, is the next innovation in restaurant technology. Reach your regulars and increase their spending without being invasive.

Tell your restaurant's story

With OAL from Craspa, you don't have to sacfrice anything, we make your app tailored to your brand, we use your existing Square account, and we make ordering the best.
But we're much more than ordering.

Ah, push it Ah, push it Ooh, baby, baby

Track customers' interactions with our enhanced analytics allowing you to market effectively using features, like push notifications to instantly engage your customer.

Houston, we've had a problem

Don't make your customers wait, take their orders instantly. Be a click away, even faster with past order ordering. A second longer is a dollar lost.

Chewie, we're home.

Be where your customers spend most of their time. Stake your restaurant app icon on their screen.

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To infinity and beyond! Transform your restaurant's digital marketing with a restaurant app

The features and benefits don't just stop there. We're always more ways to make your customer's experience better.

Make getting orders more efficiency at zero cost and get a competitive edge to neighboring restaurants.

Combine your Square Payment with Craspa, making the integration that much easier. No more having to handle multiple platforms.

"Hey, I think you'll like this."

As your customers are deciding on what to eat, we'll recommend items, in a non-invasive way, for them to choose or try out. Along with highlighted items and menu specials.

"Thanks Abby, we got your order."

Customize order confirmation messages, giving your customer that extra thanks.

"How's your morning Sam, grab a coffee on your way"

Push notifcations to customers on their way work and make easier for them to order on the go with you OAL.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Your OAL app has minimal craspa branding. We want your brand to be what your customers see becuase at of the end of the day your customers are here for you.

Show me the money!

Not enough yet, having your OAL boosts your regulars' sales and attract one-time to become recurring customers.


You may already have a loyalty program, but make it more effective by utilizing the OAL in-app ranks. Encourage your customers to spend more to rank up.

Know your customers

Create customer profiles on all your customers. Know how interactive your customer is, and adjust based on their spending and interactions with you OAL and your restaurant.


Let us know what you need,
even suggest a feature.

Talk to our support team to get a personal walkthrough and see how Craspa will fit your business the best, at no cost.

For every case

Customize how your customers get their orders with dynamic and location specific pickup options. Adjust location availability with a one click order accepting button.

Happy Birthday

Setup levels of loyalty to have customers eager to spend more to earn points and rewards along with automated milestone rewards, such as a birthday or new level reach.

Build your own platform, not others.

Grow your brand using Craspa by driving traffic to your branded platforms and not other marketplace apps.

Grow your business today, get started with Craspa.

No Contracts No Commissions No Fees 100% Free

Grow your business today, get started with Craspa.

No Contracts No Commissions No Fees 100% Free