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Started by 3 individuals who believe technology should be accessible to all types of restaurants, regardless of their size. Technology is the future and we dont want anyone restaurant left behind.

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What is Craspa?

Craspa is a restaurant technology startup, founded in 2020(USA), that aims to help restaurant compete with industry leaders on technical level, by making technology affordable, initivie, and more so added value. We also aim to be source of truth and confidence when it comes to understanding how technology can be critcial and valuable part of your or any restaurant operation.

Meet The Team

We're dog company, so meet our pets.

Simeon Ajala

Garth Pearson

Spencer Ponce

Democratizing Technology

Be at the for front of restaurant innovation. No more price gauging, strangling commissions, or slow tech. With Craspa, tech that makes difference

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