Integrating Safely Is Our Only Policy

Its our number 1 priority to make sure when you integrate your live POS with Craspa, that you do not have to worry about compromising your business, operation, and your customers. Low below on ways we protect your and your customers data.


Staying safe in the digital world

No Plain Text

Most security breaches are made useful when operators leave passowrds and sensetive data in plain text. We don't, passowrd are hashed with a salt in our backend.

We don't collect card info

When you connect your POS, we merely act on the behalf of your POS account using OAuth2 technology. So all card processing and storage is handled by your POS.

Be aware of what we collect

Wheather its during integration or when using a Craspa, we are fully transparent in the data or permissions we collect and use. All delete at any time, if you wish.

The Extra Steps We Take


Without Your Permission

When you integrate with Square, you'll be able to every single request we make using your integration. So you can see all the activity, which will only be made by customers actions on the app and you on the admin.


Never Stale

We create new integration tokens, every 7 days, so even old tokens are never usable and are discarded on our end. Leaving you safe from attacks at any point in time.


No Deception

Do worry about fake orders or double charges, we have safe guards in place to protect you and your customers from misuing Craspa.

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