Why Sandbox? We know adding a new service to operations is daunting task. That's why you can try Craspa firsthand without having implement in real life.


How it works

When you create a sandbox account which is linked a Square sandbox, you'll be able to experience Craspa exactly how you would in production. You can even test out your app live in-hand. For creating a sandbox account and creating an app we'll give you no commission on your first $20,000 in sales when you switch to production.


We want to keep you the platform you know and love.

Plug and play, using the industry standard for safety, we linked directly with your Square. That way we take your orders and show your customers your menus


It's True

Sandbox is exactly like production, so give it a try, no risk

Its completely free to create a sandbox account, and completely free to switch to production. There's no cost in get started and using Craspa, we also give you fake cards to see how transaction happen.


Earn an
additional $100k in
no commissons

You can earn more than $100k in no commissions, but for doing so well in referring, you'll earn $100k for your 7th referral.

Sandbox 101

Get Started With Sandbox

Create a Craspa Sandbox Account

This is how you interact with Craspa Sandbox and be able create your apps, along all the other features that comes with using Craspa Sandbox.

Create A Square Sandbox & Link It With Square OAuth

With Square sandbox, you can create a mock account thats 1 to 1 with a real Square account. You can the link it with your Craspa sandbox account with 1 click using OAuth.

One Click To Generate A Full Catelog, Then Link Them To Menus & Locations

Don't worry about having to go the trouble of making a entire catalog for Square sandbox, using our sandbox button you can automatically create a full catalog. All you got to worry about is making your menus, and opening up your mock locations.

Create Your App & Test Your App First Hand

Create your app using the app wizard and from there upload your brands assets. Then request for us to make your app, within 24 hours we'll send you a link to download your app. OAuth allows us to use your Square account on your behalf and is facilated by Square. This way we use your catelog and process your orders.

Make A Transaction
In Your App

Create an account on your app and add a card. We'll provide you a list of fake cards to use, which are provided on the behalf of Square. From there you can make transactions and experience how your customer will experience it.

Get started today with sandbox for free. Then go live for free with no comissions on your first 20k in sales.

No Start Up Costs Free App with Updates Forever No Contracts

The Perks

The Perks

The Perks

The Perks

The Perks

Get Up To $100k When You Refer Others To Try Sandbox

No Comission On Your First
$20k In Sales

Test Your App
And Theirs Live
First Hand


Still Not Sure,
Talk directly with our relations team

Talk to our relations team to get a personal walkthrough and see how Craspa will fit your business the best, at no cost.

Test Cards

Use fake cards to experience how orders happening without having to use real money.

Real App

We'll send you a real app for your sandbox account, so you can actually experience it first hand.

Build your own platform

Grow your brand using Craspa by driving traffic to your branded platforms and not other marketplace apps.

Get started today with sandbox for free. Then go live for free with no comissions on your first 20k in sales.

No Start Up Costs Free App with Updates Forever No Contracts