1 Platform, Your Platform. Made exclusively for Square, keeping you with the platform you love.


Better together

Combine your existing infustructure with crapsa, and create an environment that incubates growth and higher sales.


We want to keep you the platform you know and love.

Plug and play, using the industry standard for safety, we linked directly with your Square. That way we take your orders and show your customers your menus



Share your analytics across platforms, from Craspa to Square

All your customers data is linked directly to your square, so no need to export or manage platforms to see data related to orders and your customers.

Same Payment

All orders made on a Craspa product is a order made in Square. We use your Square to process your orders

Same Customers

A customer in Craspa is a customer in Square. Track your customers all your products.

Same Catelog

Import your existing catelog from Square to create menus, specials, and items worthy of the spotlight

Same Locations

Locations are great for growth. Locations are directly connected to those in your Square.

Same Discounts

A discounts, rewards, and specials are stemmed from discount in your Square. Keeping data synced.

Same Inventory

Don't lose or have to merge. We use your square inventory and prevent ordering of sold out items


Manage your app in your Craspa, control whats your customers see with Square


Simluate exactly how craspa would work in proudction. This way we can build your trust in our systems


This make Craspa possible, you allow us permission to access your square. Kept secure by us and Square

Integration 101

How Integration Works

Create a Craspa account

This is how you interact with Craspa and be able create your apps, along all the other features that comes with using Craspa.

Link Your Square With OAuth

OAuth allows us to use your Square account on your behalf and is facilated by Square. This way we use your catelog and process your orders.

2 Platforms
1 Backend

Once you've linked your Square, you'll to create menus that will used in your app, create your loyalty program, and manage locations available to customers. View our privacy & security policy to learn how we protect your data.

I Don't Know, I Don't Really Need This?

Here's what you get when you combine Craspa with Square.

View our privacy & security policy to learn how
we protect and respect your data.

Create a more advance and effective loyalty program

Don't just limit your loyalty to when customers come in store, give them a place to be active and seamless.

Create Menus and In-app Banners

Getting started is easier than peeling a banana. Set menus with 2 clicks and even add a greeting banner to welcome each time.

Manage Locations

Got more than one location? No worries, we're perfect for multi-location operations. It's only 1 click to add a new location.

Create Rewards

Your customers have earned it, give customers rewards for either a discount or money off. All of which is linked to your Square.

Extend your customers profile

Customer profiles, can be more than just a name and transaction history. Add more functionality to your customer profiles in Sqaure.

Customize Categories

Create easy on the go categories for whatever your brands needs, all synced from Sqaure in real-time.

Get started today with sandbox for free. Then go live for free with no comissions on your first 20k in sales.

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