Frequently Asked Questions

This a quick source solution, to questions you may have about Craspa

General FAQ
Who is Craspa ?

Craspa is a company that builds technology for restaurants. Our goal is to bring all restaurants to the age of technology to better help them and their operations.

Are you guys hiring ?

We’re always looking to expand our team with talented individuals, we’re interested to see what you have to offer to the Craspa team. Please send your resume to and subject your email “RESUME INQUIRY”.

What does Craspa sell ?

Well we don't sell anything, per say. We give restaurants the ability to reach their customers better and effectively and take a commission from sales that we help facilitate.

Is Craspa a delivery app ?

At the moment we do not provide a delivery option for orders in your loyalty app, however we’re always looking to expand our products and services.

Is Craspa a marketplace or review site ?

No, we’re not a review site or marketplace. The purpose of Craspa was to give back control to restaurants and not have them compete to keep their customers. That is why our loyalty app is a dedicated loyalty app in which you customized your restaurant’s brand.

Is Craspa a product or a company ?

Craspa is the name of the company, but we also refer to our products “Craspa app” or “Craspa platform”, which includes your own dedicated Craspa powered loyalty app. We also may interchangeably say our and your app, but we’re referring to the same thing.

Pricing FAQ
How does pricing work ?

For every order that is made through your loyalty app, we take a commission based on the order total.

Are there setup fees and costs or hidden fees ?


What are all the costs of using craspa loyalty app ?

No cost, just commission on orders.

What if I refund an order, am I still charged ?

No, we only keep a commission on successful transactions.

Am I charged for a transaction through Square but not through the loyalty app ?

Come on now, we’re not the mafia, you keep your bread. In all seriousness, we only take commission on sales through your loyalty app.

Does the loyalty app accept cash transactions ?

At the moment we do not allow cash transactions, however we are looking to expand into cash transactions in the future.

Beta FAQ
How many spots are available for the beta ?

We’re currently in our first round of beta, and there are only 50-75 spots available. If your beta request is not accepted, it is automatically considered for our next beta round.

Is there priority submission for the beta ?

Yes, any restaurant can join our beta, if you feel our loyalty app is a good fit for your restaurant, submit a beta request and become a part of the Craspa family.

Is your beta free ?

Yes, free to join and free to use.

What happens next after I accept ?

Once you're accepted into our beta program, you’ll receive an email detailing further steps and congratulations on being accepted.

I submitted my beta request, how long is it going to take to know my status ?

There is explicit no time frame on how long we take to make a decision on your beta request, but we’ll keep you updated on your status.

Do I own my loyalty app ?

No, all loyalty app templates and dedicated products are owned and intellectual property of Craspa. This is because restaurants may use similar loyalty app templates and no one single restaurant can own an app. It is our job to make sure that all loyalty apps powered by Craspa are in compliance and running smoothly.

Restaurant Support/Compatibility Questions
What is a team member ?

A team member is someone who allow as to your Craspa Admin and data, they view current orders and make order updates. They can also create and push rewards and make menu changes. As root owner you limit a team members access and control.

Is there a limit to team members and do team members cost extra ?

There is no limit to how many team members you can create, however its best only allow "need basis" team members access, depending on their set permissions. There no extra costs for team members.

How do I create a team member ?

You can create team members in your Craspa Admin, simply set their permissions and email. We will then send them an account creation email to get them started.

How do I remove a team member ?

You remove all non-root team members in your Craspa Admin.

Is there a location limit for craspa ?

There is a 11 location limit, we feel that our product is best for small-to-medium size restaurants and 11 is the maximum for us to run smoothly and effectively.

Do I get an app for each restaurant location ?

No, you get one app for your restaurant and your customers can choose which restaurant to order based on the locations you set.

What type of restaurant best fits craspa loyalty app ?

Our best fit restaurants are stop and go restaurants, such as a coffee shop, burger joint, or pizzeria.

Is Craspa loyalty app only available to certain cities ?

We’re only available in the US, however we do have plans on expanding, so your area might be our next expansion.

My restaurant is not currently open, am I still able to join the beta ?

Yes, most definitely.

What if a restaurant in my area also used craspa, will that affect me ?

That's fine, each app is solely for that restaurant’s customers, each restaurant gets their own customized loyalty app.

What if my restaurant does not use Square ?

We currently are only compatible with Square, you may either create a square account or join our email listing, to know when we expand our products.